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What's New?

Car died. Got a 98 Civic EX. Now I'm broke.
Recieved and install the intake and reset computer.
I like it!!! sounds funny when getin into the throttle but a little more responsive.
Start to refinish my 94-95 GSR rims (check photo page)
About time I update. Finally install everything I have for the rear. Ex feel I lot firmer in the corners now(pics soon). Now to get back to finishing my rim and find some new seats.

been awhlie I'll update with more parts and pic soon. I've been busy playing paintball.
Okay to hell with paintball. Back on cars. Paintball guns for sale now. There will be alot more updates around here soon, lots of mods to take pictures of.
Final drove my MR2 to work for the first time. IT felt great. It would feel better with out theis damn head cold.

OH, so that is what my engine bay used to look like.