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Photo2 Page

All of these are for sale. If you want any of them, look for them on ebay soon. I'll post links as soon as I put them up.

Mountian Park Paintball, 5-man October 2001
Well I did not win it, I bought it...2001 Shocker black 4X4, new designs bolt, gadget grip, hogue wrap around grips (loved them on my old taurus), Psycho Ballistics drop forward, 88/4500 maxflo, 16" all american, black freak back w/8in front (need inserts and longer front), New designs trigger from HSW
My Shocker
My Shocker
Impulse of love
This is my girlfriend's Impulse, the picture needs to be updated. It now sports; Green Psycho Ballistics drop forward, Dye sticky grips, New Designs bolt and hammer cap, Max Flo 3000 with a 48 ci bottle and an Orracle LPR. I got a heck of a deal for it from a really great guy.
My baby's Impulse
My Mayhem Et1 (first series) with:
9 volt Viewloader with JMJ Vortex Impellers, Smart Parts stock Shocker grip, Max flo 88/4500, CP Flaming drop foward, NW Quick disconnect block, 8mm/ 5/16 macro line, NW Cocker chrome double trigger, PMI barrel (not pictured), and NW Bushmaster Highrise feed

I'm sure by now you have noticed I only have one tank.